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Bella Hull

available works

artist bio

"I work with both oil painting and collage, dealing with the fragmentation and the de-familiarising of images, forming new isolated forms. I am drawn to the fluidity of textiles and drapery and the effect of disrupting their sinuous qualities. I am interested in subtle tensions that are created as images are spliced and re-layered and how this effects image association and forms a fragmented narrative. I have used the concreteness of block shapes and the isolation of bare backgrounds as a way to play with juxtaposition. The images I create are familiar yet indeterminate forms.

For me, my work is a lexicon of patch-worked fragments (often sourced from fashion textiles or historical film stills) and a weaving together process which is comparable to poetry. The process of selecting and arranging my work is intuitive and driven by an instinctual aesthetic, yet I feel that the isolation of constructed forms somehow communicates a senseless logic and a system to ambiguous details."

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