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Oil, Photo & Resin on Wood

H 107cm x W 85cm




"The piece is constructed around a dress which caught my eye. The subtle pink colour and floral textured drapery has a tactile quality of being entirely feminine. In the circle the dress seems to delicately exist in the comfort of its own serene world. The dark background portrays a group of fishermen leaning over a boat. It is surrounded by what seems to be an opposite reality, one of necessity rather than luxury, where everything is equally dark, and of equal worth.


Most of my work is process led and has a playful collaged approach."




"I work with both oil painting and collage, dealing with the fragmentation and the de-familiarising of images, forming new isolated forms. I am drawn to the fluidity of textiles and drapery and the effect of disrupting their sinuous qualities. I am interested in subtle tensions that are created as images are spliced and re-layered and how this effects image association and forms a fragmented narrative. I have used the concreteness of block shapes and the isolation of bare backgrounds as a way to play with juxtaposition. The images I create are familiar yet indeterminate forms.

​For me, my work is a lexicon of patch-worked fragments (often sourced from fashion textiles or historical film stills) and a weaving together process which is comparable to poetry. The process of selecting and arranging my work is intuitive and driven by an instinctual aesthetic, yet I feel that the isolation of constructed forms somehow communicates a senseless logic and a system to ambiguous details."



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