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Chloe Natalia

available works

artist statement

Chloe's artwork is created by cutting, layering and structuring paper to create 3-dimensional colour filled wall sculptures. Trawling the natural world and finding inspiration from it’s awe inspiring forms and geometry, She enjoys translating these into the clean lines and colours that paper offers and has been told that her artwork has a mathematical clarity that is both pleasing and comforting to behold. The vast majority of her work is hand-cut with a surgical blade with the occasional aid of a small die-cutting machine to help with the more repetitive tasks. She would be loathed to handover the cutting element entirely to machines as this is an important part of the creative process and finds it very calming and therapeutic. She loves to work with vibrant colours and finds that they call her into action. The colour selection for a piece is a mostly intuitive process as she gets to know their likes and dislikes. The 3-dimensional element of the sculptures are often hard to capture through a lens and certainly to appreciate through a screen. The comment she hears most regularly when people see her work in the flesh is 'Wow! They are so much more than I was expecting'.  Overall she aims to make pieces that intrigue, seduce and raise a smile. 


A relative latecomer to the art world she has been through several incarnations prior to my life as an artist. Growing up in beautiful bohemian Devon, UK. I later moved to the high speed life of the London media world pursuing a career as a TV producer. After a stint in London she was craving the country life once again and settled for a time in deepest Hereford where she was able to explore her passion for interiors and house design by renovating and eventually building Eco homes. She is now in the rather fortunate position of being able to share her time between Ibiza and the UK. In Ibiza she have found a colourful vibrant nature filled island that she is totally in love with and that inspires and influences her work at every step of the process. The island has lead her back to her bohemian roots and she once again feels more in tune with the natural world around her. Spending recent years in Ibiza has given her the freedom to finally explore the creativity that has been lurking beneath the surface but never had the time or space to explore. 


All of her existing pieces can be ordered in custom colour schemes.

artist BIO

Chloë Natalia works exclusively with cut paper to create 3-dimensional colour filled paper wall sculptures. Her pieces are made by cutting and layering paper to create both sunken and low reliefs.


Although UK born, she is now lucky enough to call the Spanish island of Ibiza her home. Finding inspiration from the wealth of vibrant colours and natural beauty on the luminescent Mediterranean island.


She is also fascinated by geometry and visual illusion, themes she often explores in her work. Her work has a mathematical clarity that is both pleasing and comforting to view. She describes the colour selection for a piece as a mostly intuitive process as the colours call her into action.


Chloë is an emerging artist to watch, she was particularly pleased to recently receive recognition from Saatchi Art as one of their ‘New School of Sculptors’.

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