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why the dragon gallery?

“Here be Dragons” was a notation used by medieval map makers to describe uncharted territory often with an illustration of a Dragon or Sea Monster.


The founders of the Gallery felt that the name was an appropriate reference given the contemporary and sometimes challenging nature of their artwork which could be said at times, to be in new and uncharted terrain.


A new contemporary gallery, both online and High Street based in Petworth in their own Grade II listed building, recently renovated to create an outstanding gallery space.  The Gallery was established to introduce contemporary fine art that is exciting, stimulating and thought-provoking.

During his 20 year Chairmanship of a City of London based company, Gallery Founder David Todd provided financial support to three Art Colleges, Wimbledon, Chelsea and Camberwell by way of Degree Show catalogues and Annual Awards to outstanding graduates in all disciplines.  For a period of 10 years, he was a Judge in the selection process and brings his experience of recognising future talent to the Dragon Gallery portfolio.

Our future vision is to provide a proactive platform for artists to develop that will aim, with our Advisors presence and the support of our Gallery, to offer a cultural hub for events - workshops, artists talks, readings, guided tours and artists residencies.

The gallery will focus on highly contemporary work from emerging and mid career artists.

Support for our roster of Artists will be provided by Gallery based shows, National Art Fairs and collaborations with high profile London based galleries.


The Directors, David Todd and Amanda-Grace Pope have extensive experience in art sponsorship, artist support and curation. They are joined by George Blacklock, ex Dean of Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Art.

david todd


David  passion for contemporary art as a collector over many years and as owner of a successful London gallery in the 1980’s has led to the opening of The Dragon Gallery specialising in contemporary work by emerging and mid-career artists.


For 20 years as Chairman of a City based Company, he was responsible for supporting Graduates from three London Art Colleges, Chelsea, Wimbledon and Camberwell for over a decade under the umbrella of the University of Arts London (UAL). Annual Art prizes were awarded and works were purchased from students contributing to a 500 strong collection by David’s company, which remains intact to this day.


Following the sale of his Company he decided to open the Dragon Gallery to introduce Collectors to fresh and exciting investable art.


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amanda-grace pope


Originally from New Zealand, Amanda-Grace (Mandii) has been a full time practising artist for over 20 years alongside Corporate positions in Advertising, Television, Telecommunications, Packaging, Retail, Commercial Property, Merchandising, Sales and Marketing and Management.


In 2004 Amanda-Grace (Mandii) settled in London, working at Landmark Plc for 13 years until the company sold in 2017 whilst also working as a full time Artist with artworks in private and corporate collections internationally, with solo and group shows in the South Pacific, Europe and UAE.  She curated the Landmark Art collection as the Executive Assistant, administering the UAL Degree Show Programme.


In 2016 she was a finalist for New Zealander of the Year in the UK for  her longstanding contribution of her own art based charity work. 

Amanda-Grace is still a practising full time artist, and Co-Founder/Director of The Dragon Gallery.

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george blacklock


The directors of The Dragon Gallery have had a 10 year association with UAL Wimbledon and Chelsea Colleges of Art and it was a natural fit to invite George  Blacklock , Ex Dean  of both Colleges as a Special Advisor to the Gallery which we are pleased to announce he accepted. 


George is a painter, writer, and musician. He has exhibited his paintings in a number of countries around the world, from Mongolia to Mexico, but most extensively in Europe and the USA. He has been represented by the well respected Flowers Galleries in London  since 1996.


He  has received many awards for his paintings from the Arts Council as well as The Greater London Arts Association and was a prize-winner at the prestigious John Moores contemporary painting competition. He is represented in numerous private and public collections including the Arts Council of Great Britain.


He has written the sumptuously illustrated book, Colour and Abstraction (IBSN 978 1 78500 031 7), which charts how colour was liberated from its former and traditional role as a pictorial element subservient to drawing, and how abstraction was consequently born and developed. This book also focuses on his own pictorial methodologies, demonstrating how these developed.


He has extensive experience in all aspects of Art education at the highest levels, has a significant reputation as a painter, and commentator on art. He has worked with companies in the UK and USA on how pictorial decision making can positively influence clear thinking in the business world.


To complete his portfolio of skills , George is a talented musician and is a member of Country Dirt playing a mean mandolin, guitar and harp as well as pitching in with vocals. The band have released a CD, ‘Rodeo Free Europe’). 


George’s extensive academic and practical knowledge of the fine arts is a welcome asset to The Dragon Gallery.


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