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Alexander de Cadenet is a visual artist working in London who has been exhibiting his artworks internationally for the past twenty years. His artworks reveal an exploration into philosophical and spiritual questions such as the meaning of life & death and the nature of human consciousness.


Alexander de Cadenet (born 24 May 1974) is a British artist working in various media: predominantly painting, photography and sculpture. He is most known for his skull portraits that are set within the tradition of Vanitas. He defines his art work as “a way to give experience meaning in a tangible form; it is an exploration into the mysteries and sacredness of life and its presentation through art”


Since 1996, de Cadenet has been presenting a successive series of photographic "skull portraits", based on x-rays of his subjects' skulls.

The ongoing series of works explores the themes of human achievement and the sacredness of art in particular within the tradition of Vanitas. The first Celebrities Series was launched in 1999 at 30 Underwood Street Gallery in Shoreditch, London. This launched de Cadenet’s skull portraits concept, which he has described as ‘drawing on an everyday language and experience to communicate a deeper message”


Art historian Edward Lucie-Smith has described Alexander de Cadenet as, “a fascinatingly diverse, restlessly experimental artist. His work ranges across every technique one can think of”.


Alexander de Cadenet's art is drawn from his own life experiences and combines a dark humour with a deeper spiritual message.


Since 1996 he has been producing an ongoing collection of Skull Portrait photographic works based on x-rays of his subject’s skulls. They are a comment about the permanence of art and offer insights into the themes of mortality, identity and the human desire for status and achievement.

artist CV


2019                Desert Artists, 29 Palms Art Gallery, 29 Palms, California, April 6th 2019

2017                F@*k Autumn at the Andipa Gallery London

2017                Money in the Eyes at FAB Gallery Santa Monica

2015                Alexander de Cadenet Sacred Portraits at the Andipa Gallery London

2009                ‘Demi-Monde’, F-ISH Gallery, Hastings (solo)

2009                Art and Design Pavilion, presented by Osborne Samuel Gallery, London

2008                Zoo Art Fair, presented by T1+2 Gallery, London

2008                23 Upper Cheyne Row Gallery (solo)

2008                Gallery Marino, Rome

2008                Beijing National Museum (official Olympic Selection of Prints), Beijing

2008                Old Harrovian Photographers, Harrow School, London

2007                New Contemporaries, Art Basel, Miami

2007                Old Harrovian Artists, Sotheby’s, London

2006                V Project, Trafalgar Square, London

2006                ‘Gothic’, Tate Britain, London

2006                Zoo Art Fair, presented by T1+2 Gallery, London

2006                Chicago Art Fair, presented by T1+2 Gallery, London

2005                Zoo Art Fair, presented by T1+2 Gallery, London

2005                ‘Hitler Skull Portrait’, Port Elliot Literary Festival, London

2005                ‘Religious Subjects Skull Portraits’, T1+2 Gallery, London

2005                ‘Historical Subjects Skull Portraits: Adolph Hitler’, Aquarium Gallery, London (solo)

2005                ‘Love You’, Aquarium Gallery, London (solo)

2004                ‘Pax Britannica’, Aquarium Gallery, London

2004                ‘Skull Portraits of Jake and Dinos Chapman’, Aquarium Gallery, London

2003                ‘British Spies Skull Portraits’, Courtauld Institute of Art, London (solo)

2001                ‘What’s New from London’, Orion Gallery, Ostende

2001                ‘Between Heaven & Earth’, Museum of Modern Art, Ostende

2001                ‘Celebrity Skull Portraits’, Museum of Modern Art, Ostende

2000                ‘The Scream’, VTO Gallery, London

2000                ‘This is the end my friend, the end...’, Polstar Art Programme @ Home, London

2000                ‘Religious Subjects Skull Portraits’, Museum of (Emotions), London

1999                ‘Celebrities Skull Portraits Series’, 30 Underwood Street Gallery, London (solo)

1999                ‘Erection of the Maasai Golgotha’, Kenya (solo)

1998                ‘Super-Models Skull Portraits Series’, Victoria & Albert Museum, London (solo)

1997                ‘Interconnections’, Notting Hill Arts Club, London (solo)

1996                ‘Atmosphere’, The Mark, London (solo)

1994                ‘Fame Killers’, Fete Worse than Death, Hoxton Square, London

1993                ‘Black Circles’, Cadogan Gallery, London (solo)






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