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Lockdown life in pictures

Lockdown Life in Pictures at the Dragon

Lockdown life in pictures

‘Lockdown Life in Pictures’ is a local exhibition focusing on the lessons we have learned over the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Artworks are from local children aged 5-11, inspired by what they have learnt during this time.

A time where the world stopped, families were separated, but also came together, pets had more attention, businesses faced jeopardy, people learnt new skills or took up a hobby or perhaps indulged too much.  Kids missed their friends and birthday parties and found new ways to entertain themselves.

With people around the world trapped inside due to coronavirus lockdowns, some have turned to art to express their feelings during this tumultuous time.

Now, The Dragon Gallery, a Contemporary Gallery in Petworth West Sussex, is encouraging local school children to share their lockdown art.

The Dragon Gallery in association with The Petworth Town Council, plans to host the artwork in a small group exhibition, consisting of 100 x A4 artworks for one week from the Saturday 5th September until Saturday 12th September 2020.


The aim of the initiative is to share a message of hope and to commemorate this extraordinary period, We are spreading optimism, showing that people can come together and create something amazing from the lessons we have learnt during this time, and what better way, than to see what our children have learnt and can express visually.

Like many towns throughout the UK, Petworth has been in commercial limbo, except for essential businesses since the UK introduced lockdown measures in late March.

The exhibition is an open invitation to primary school students, aged 5-11. 

100 works will be selected to be shown in The Dragon Gallery on the top floor.  They will be displayed on social media and The Dragon Gallery/Petworth websites.

All artworks will be produced in a booklet which can be purchased from The Dragon Gallery, with all profits donated to a number of local charities, yet to be confirmed by the Petworth Town Council.

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