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Sculpture Gallery

Culture in Petworth:  Head to the Sculpture Gallery everyone

Is talking about!

There is something immensely pleasing about immersing oneself in artwork. As the cornerstone of cultural advancements, artists have been called upon to capture the zeitgeist of the present through their very hands. The Dragon Gallery is the art gallery Petworth artists yearn to get their work into. As curators of our present time and temperament, these artists deserve to have their work seen by as broad an audience as possible without a high price getting in the way. For that reason, The Dragon Gallery has become THE sculpture gallery for Petworth visitors to attend. What should you expect from your visit to The Dragon Gallery?

The Dragon Gallery focuses on providing a platform for emerging and mid-career artists to showcase their skills. Through the sculpture gallery, you will be able to set your sights on a number of fantastical pieces of artwork. Simon Tayler's 'Lemniscate' is a wonderful piece that offers something different to every visitor while the Heart Boiled Egg by DS (David Schmidt) is simple elegance accurately defined with acrylic, spraypaint and fiberglass.

The Dragon Gallery was founded under the care of David Todd, an art collector who previously ran a successful gallery in London throughout the '80s. Now focused on contemporary art for emerging and mid-career artists, Todd and his team of professionals are purely interested in becoming the art gallery Petworth artists aspire to find themselves in. As a haven for cultural enrichment and city-wide positivity, The Dragon Gallery means so much more to the visitors than most could expect!

While the sculpture gallery is one of our favourite sections of The Dragon Gallery, there is plenty more to see during your trip. With regular exhibitions scheduled throughout the year in conjunction with a deep library of mixed-media, collages, photography, and paintings, The Dragon Gallery seemingly has something for everyone.

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