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You’re under the CT’s Light III

You’re under the CT’s Light III


Mixed Media Drawing

H 54cm x W 74cm




The work of MA Drawing students Yawen (Pony) Du , "the theme of my drawing is plastic surgery, and I use it as a feminine language to expose the beauty of women who sacrifice their health and life in pursuit of beauty" 


"I am an artist working between China and the UK.

My recent work investigates the relationships between rapidly changing aesthetic sensibilities and plastic surgery. We carry the burden of being visually judged by those we know and strangers from afar.  Coupled with the mass media, individuals feel increasingly pressured to meet imposed ideals of looking healthy, fit and attractive.  Plastic surgery appears to have become the most popular, fast and effective way to pursue the perfect appearance.


I attempt to open up the debates around plastic surgery.  I hope to add new perspectives to the debates, ideas and discussions around this issue, from the accusations of ideological manipulation that some feel motivate patients seeking surgery, to the argument that to condemn cosmetic enhancement is a repressive act.  Although identifying as feminist, I remain open-minded and merely hope to open up further questioning as opposed to expressing a specific view."  





MA Drawing Student at Wimbledon College of Art.

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