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Untitled - Square

Untitled - Square


Exterior Eggshell, Acrylic and 24ct Gold Leaf

H 60cm x W 60cm




The Untitled series is concerned with the human need to measure, understand and conquer the existential mysteries of the universe, which we are intrinsically a part, showing the folly yet importance of such endeavours.


Adopting the psychological phenomena of Pareidolia and Apophenia, the experience of seeing pattern in random or meaningless data, then mixing this with the Mathematical Golden Ratio expressed as a geometric grid highlights that indistinct stimuli represented by the clouds can be forced to be perceived as significant.




Loz Atkinson is an award winning, widely collected artist, who has been practicing and exhibiting for over 10 years. Her concept driven work has been depicted in paint, installation and digital media. The exploration of ideas is what compels her and she adapts her skills in many processes to convey them. Her work is provocative yet hopeful. Inspired by nature and interrupted by geometry Loz’s paintings concern themselves with the human need to conquer and understand the existential mysteries of the universe. Having a distinct eye for detail, light and layering colour, gives her work visual, as well as evocative depth. Gazing into the sky and cosmos, marvelling at the vastness, but only for a moment, before a line, an edge or form crashes us back to earth.

Loz has exhibited extensively in the UK, Europe, America and beyond, with one of her Imagined Nebula paintings being digitally ‘bounced’ off the Moon and another currently travelling through outer space on the NASA probe OSIRIS-REx.  

Loz has also had projects supported by Arts Council England including ‘Expedition JP237’ which saw her climb a mountain in Italy to discover the fatal crash site of her Great Grandfather’s WW2 Halifax Bomber, producing a large body of work influenced by her experiences which included a reworked Bristol Hercules engine.

Loz has created many pieces for public art events throughout the UK. Including Jungle City Edinburgh that featured her work on the front cover of the accompanying art book. 'Deliverance', for Elephant Parade London in 2010, sold at auction for £10,000 and 'An unquenched defiance to the stars’ for Wild Dolphins Aberdeen sold at auction for £22,000. To date her work has helped raise nearly £40,000 for various wildlife and children’s charities.

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