Louis Pigeon

Emulsion and spray paint via 12 hand cut stencils

H 121cm x W 121cm (48” x 48")



"(Say it in a French accent, it works!) A combination of empathy for one of the worlds most disliked inhabitants and my desire to annoy my girlfriend who has a phobia of them pushed me to make ‘Louis Pigeon’ which turned out to be my most labour intensive piece to date. 


When you look past their blank stare, bad eating habits and digit-less stumps of feet and focus on their patches of stunning colours, persistence and lack of give a fuck attitude they are mildly impressive. Team it up with the LV pattern and we have a genuine fake advertising styled promotion for the flying legend."




An exciting street artist rapidly gaining a reputation as a leading exponent of this new art genre.


’The life of a stencil artist is of contradiction, the act of spray painting is immediate and chaotic, yet the stencil is created painstakingly with absolute precision'. A suitable medium for an artist who’s life is full of contradiction and who art continues the trend.


DS a US national, UK bred, public schooled ex con, strives to create visually engaging art all wrapped up in rich colour and form. His mission is to improve walls be it with art in a gallery and home or on the street hiding in plain sight.

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 017 9834 3940  A/H 0800 5999 490

Petworth GU28 0AU

Image Credits:  Barney Hindle Photography