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Infinity Twist - Ytong Thermalite Sculpture

Infinity Twist - Ytong Thermalite Sculpture


Please note:  This piece has sold, however can be commissioned again

Ytong Thermalite Sculpture

H 49cm x W 20cm


The Infinity Twist


The Infinity Twist is the single twist and is the symbol of eternity.  It represents the coming together of two people and their underlying love.  Also representing that love is eternal and when apart, their paths will cross again whether it be in this lifetime or another. 


H 49cm x W 20cm.


They can go indoors or outdoors.


They are made out of ytong thermailte blocks and have been coated with a clear water sealant to help with keeping their colour.  I recommend to re-coat them at the end of each summer (with a clear water sealant for brickwork) if wanting them to keep their white colour. To keep them perfectly white you may want to take them in for the winter months. Otherwise if you like them to age with the garden then you don't need to do anything. 


New Zealand born, settled in the UK in 1989, Bronwyn's biggest influences of her art come from her love for nature, natural forms and spiritual awareness.

​Growing up in New Zealand gave her a life immersed in nature and especially the sea, as she spent most of her teenage years surfing.  This gave her a great appreciation for the form and shape of the waves as well as the power and calmness they simultaneously brought to her soul.

​Her work expresses the power of the nature and the calmness of the divine underlying all that is by capturing the belief that nature is imperfectly perfect.  Believing that this is true to all of life, she represents it in her sculptures by allowing the shape of the stones to form the designs and keeping as much of their natural roughness to keep them as close as possible to their natural states.

​The mediums used for her stone sculptures include Indian soapstone and Malta limestone. Her other medium for sculptures is the Ytong thermalite block.

​Her finger paintings are also inspired by nature using acrylic and collage on canvas.

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