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I will light up the sky with my revenge

I will light up the sky with my revenge


Hard-ground & aquatint etching

Print: H 19.5cm W 29.5cm

Framed: H 41 x W 51cm


Artist Proof (A/P)



Based on St. Nicholas Church in Bristol, a gothic building of 1763-8, built on top of a late medieval crypt and bombed in the war.  The windows of the building are illuminated as if by belief and outside a swirl of energy and chaos in the night.  The piece is about the power of human minds and energy.



Jessica St James is a London-based artist, writer, and performer. Specialising in copper and spoken word, her talent, originality, and discipline have learnt her praise and high hopes in the art and literary world, as well as tutor-ledge and mentor ship from some of the most highly skilled and successful artists working today.

Beginning her training with one year of Classical Drawing at a Florence Atelier, St James achieved a First Class honours and Masters in Literature and Theory at UCL before returning to the visual arts and learning intaglio etching at the Royal Drawing School in Shoreditch. Her copper-plate etchings embody this dual passion, their images partially constructed in words - the stream-of-consciousness of the artist as she makes each piece, and her work carries a duality in its being both highly disciplined and highly instinctive, often carrying an erotic or confessional element as well as a sense of mystery, and simultaneously touching both modern anxiety and mysticism.

St James is currently setting up a printmaking and etching studio in her London home, continuing a longstanding residency for her spoken word at Resonance 104.4 FM, developing her performance art - the third element of her current tripartite series ‘To Stretch My Night’.

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