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All my friends

All my friends


Oil on Canvas

H 200cm x W 200cm





Contemporary society is becoming more complicated than ever, and ambiguous social phenomena put strain on human relationships. My work explores the associated problems and solutions of this increasing complexity. My main area of investigation lies within the psychological concentration towards human relationships in society. Society defines one’s identity, characters, culture and more. Individual identity is formed within society’s boundaries. My works reflect this ambivalent phase of society and question the very essentials through the image of cells and their characteristics of fluidity. Cells form the foundation of work. The complex relationship between each single cell and the others around it, that make up whole bodies, are what intrigues me. The essential beauty of the way cells constantly change and harmonise with their surroundings inspires the paintings and installations I make. I symbolic of the society in which we live. Different characteristics of the individuals can be considered nature offers a variety of subject matters, making me realize the harmonise and relationship between the self and others

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