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Karin Moorhouse

available works

artist bio

In my landscape work I have been unpacking the process of where we are and where we might be going whether in our mind and imagination or in actual place and time. When we think of something often other free flowing thoughts jump in too and so we are in effect multi-tasking without even trying. When we are in one place we can often be drawn to memories of other places.  I am celebrating our natural ability to absorb a range of thoughts, ideas and places and so I often layer images and mixed materials into a piece whether it be print making, drawing or painting.
In my portraiture I am seeking the unfocused moment; the private gaze in my sitters’ eye while in my Still Life collection I am charmed and fascinated by the ordinary daily things we have and use in our lives and by the connection with memory and history these humble objects can hold for us. Nothing is without worth or without a story.
My work is in private collections in UK, Balearics, Germany and France and has been shown often in group shows in and around London and Sussex. I have lived and worked in West Sussex for many years now but I travel happily with paint brush and easel as my companions.

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