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Smiley - Pure Yellow

Smiley - Pure Yellow


‘The Glass Writer Series’

Spray painted directly onto the glass of a box frame housing a 7 layered, hand pulled silk screen print. 24kt Gold Leaf and numbered – Limited edition of two each design per colour (one in white frame, one in black frame)


The Glass Writer Series 2/2
Hand finished 24kt gold leaf, silk screen print
H 26cm x W 26cm x D4.5cm (Black frame)



David Schmidt aka ‘DS’ is a US national, UK-bred urban artist, striving to create visually attractive, mentally engaging art all wrapped up in rich colour and form.

​"The first stencils I painted on the streets were in East London in 2002, an area heavily bombarded by some of the now ‘greats’ of the street art world. The stencils were crude black and white robots, but the art medium struck a note with me as a teenager.

As far back as I can remember, my love for art was big enough to tame my hyperactive mind, with laser-like focus on a paper, creating a world of minute detailed figures. Consequently a move into a medium using the tool normally suited to a surgeon seemed a natural fit.

Inspired and bitten by the street art bug, it wasn’t long before I finished my art education and started to focus on stencil art

A full time artist and designer, I have been commissioned by multinational companies, sold art in Harrods, painted MG Motors’ first official art car and much more…  but… I feel like this is only the beginning."

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