Order out of Chaos

Paper Collage

H 100cm x W 100cm




Sue is a London-based, 3D multi-media artist. Her work is inspired by the interplay between pattern and repetition, light andshadow, contrast and texture. She gathers ideas from her surroundings -from urban cityscapes to the natural world. Her themes are varied and reflectan optimistic outlook on life - such as our ability to create order in ourlives. Her work combines form, colour and movement to create detailed and immersive works with elements of intrigue and surprise.


She uses mixed media including paper, metal and plastic. All her works are mounted within

box-frames combined with non-reflective museum glass.


Following a director-level marketing career, Sue trained as an Interior Designer at Chelsea College of Art and Design and ran a successful interior design practice in London. She has sculpted, turned wooden bowls and created figurative drawings and prints.


In 2017, she began creating 3D collage in mixed media, working primarily with paper but also metal and plastic mesh. Sue is represented by galleries in London and has exhibited at several London-based art exhibitions and fairs as well as having a successful three-month solo show in the Plateaux Gallery within Thomas Goode in Mayfair over the summer of 2018. She has sold over one hundred works including commissions.


Sue’s works are held in private collections worldwide including the UK, US, Monaco, France, Cyprus and throughout the Middle East. Her private collectors include a former chair of Trustees of the Tate Gallery.

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Petworth GU28 0AU

Image Credits:  Barney Hindle Photography