Keeping the Faith

Keeping the Faith


Emulsion and spray paint

H 121cm x W 121cm (48” x 48")



'Keeping the Faith'


"The last image part of my Cupid’s Hit Squad series. Depicting a Greco Roman figure looking out into the, distance in hopes that Cupid’s hit squad return successful.


Emulsion and spray paint via hand cut stencils on deep edge canvas."


48” x 48”





An exciting street artist rapidly gaining a reputation as a leading exponent of this new art genre.


’The life of a stencil artist is of contradiction, the act of spray painting is immediate and chaotic, yet the stencil is created painstakingly with absolute precision'. A suitable medium for an artist who’s life is full of contradiction and who art continues the trend.


DS a US national, UK bred, public schooled ex con, strives to create visually engaging art all wrapped up in rich colour and form. His mission is to improve walls be it with art in a gallery and home or on the street hiding in plain sight.