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Exterior Eggshell and Acrylic on Canvas

H 90cm x W 90cm







Loz Atkinson is an award winning, internationally exhibited and widely collected artist living and working in Leicester, who has been practicing and exhibiting for over 10 years. Her work is provocative yet hopeful. She plays with perceptions of what is seen and not seen, giving a mystical quality. Her unique eye for detail, light and colour paired with layering techniques gives visual, as well as evocative depth. Loz creates paintings involving nature and geometry, being influenced by the vastness of the sky and universe.

Loz has created many pieces for public art events throughout the UK. To date her work has helped raise awareness and over £38,000 for various wildlife and children’s charities."

Her concept driven work has been depicted in paint, sculpture and digital media amongst others. Open to any subject, the exploration of ideas is what is important to her and she adapts her skills in many processes to convey them. Provocative yet hopeful, her visions adopt themes of mortality, emotion, truth, time, movement, environment and morality. Loz plays with perceptions of what is seen and not seen, using bold shape, line, form, colour and symbolism. Enjoying an element of harmonious discord when creating work. Giving a mystical quality, which expresses the paradox within concepts and circumstance, showing beauty in unusual places.


Loz has a unique eye for detail, light and colour, using layering techniques within her digital and painted works giving visual, as well as evocative depth.  

Layered and interrupted by geometry Loz’s paintings concern themselves with "the human need to measure, understand and conquer the existential mysteries of the universe".

We can gaze into the cosmos and marvel at the vastness of the universe but only for a moment before a line, an edge or a shape crashes us back to earth.

Loz has exhibited extensively, internationally and beyond, with one of her Imagined nebula painting having been digitally ‘bounced’ off the moon and another currently travelling through outer space on the NASA probe OSIRIS-REx.