Coming Home

Emulsion and spray paint

Painted on the streets of London Whitecross Street (photo attached) and Cargo Club, Shoreditch.

H 121cm x W 121cm (48” x 48")



Part of my Cupid’s Hit Squad series that records the journey a crack team of Cupid’s finest disciples. Contrasting imagery and techniques are used throughout my art, none more than this series. Images taken from classical statues all over the world form the players of this war. A war that’s moved on since the day of Cupid, a bow and arrow no longer suffices so now more precise tools of war are used to strike love in the hearts of mankind. Stencils are created painstakingly and with absolute precision, they sit on top of chaotic backgrounds painted with large brushes, rollers, my hands and often thrown directly onto the canvas.'Coming Home’ After a long battle of spreading love in a hateful world, the cherubs let their guard down and head home.






An exciting street artist rapidly gaining a reputation as a leading exponent of this new art genre.


’The life of a stencil artist is of contradiction, the act of spray painting is immediate and chaotic, yet the stencil is created painstakingly with absolute precision'. A suitable medium for an artist who’s life is full of contradiction and who art continues the trend.


DS a US national, UK bred, public schooled ex con, strives to create visually engaging art all wrapped up in rich colour and form. His mission is to improve walls be it with art in a gallery and home or on the street hiding in plain sight.