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I Formally trained as a painter, but a chance sequence of events led me to sculpture. I realised then that my perception of space and movement was not a flat interpretation but something tangible, fluid but almost solid at the same time.

When I sculpt, I feel atoms and particles, the very essence of the material moving and assembling into order. In life I see these particles dancing and celebrating existence. 
The building blocks of life are literally in my hands. Hard, rigid and seemingly unyielding sheets of metal, bent, folded, melted and formed into shape. 

Like you, I am a product of millions of years of evolution, constructing and giving emotional values and labels to these particles. 
Being able to recreate the incredible manifestations that life has evolved into is a most exciting feeling for me. 
I have always had a fascination with animals and their environment, but this became heightened after living and working with communities in the Maasai Mara in Kenya and witnessing the fragility of it all. This inspires me to recreate endangered species. The painstaking detail is almost a kind of worship of the sheer beauty that abounds us.


Biography for Kew Gardens exhibition sept 2017
​Written by Nadia Sitas

Piers was born 1974 and grew up in the  New Forest.

He studied Fine Art at S.t Albans and Winchester, M.A. 
He currently lives in East Sussex but lived and worked in the Maasai Mara, Kenya for five years where he developed an awareness of  environmental issues and the fragility of our ecosystems and endangered species.

Piers has unparalleled attention to detail and form with unique materials and techniques. He explores the boundaries of traditional sculpture while working with marine grade stainless steel, brass and copper which enables him to create strikingly naturalistic pieces. He uses recycled metals in a way that belies its past, drawing your attention away from the material, shifting your focus to the character and soul of the animals he creates. Many of the pieces are born from personal experiences -  riding through African plains alongside crested cranes, sitting in fields with barn owls silently gliding past, or diving with inquisitive turtles. His pieces inspire a personal interaction for the viewer on a deeper level, encouraging us to re-connect with our natural world.

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Image Credits:  Barney Hindle Photography